Stress Awareness Month in the UK: Understanding and Coping

April 8, 2024

Stress is a universal issue affecting people across the globe. In the UK, Stress Awareness Month has been observed every April since 1992. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the causes and potential cures for our modern-day stresses.

The Impact of Stress

Stress isn’t just a fleeting emotion; it can significantly affect our overall health. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Physical Health: Chronic stress can lead to physical problems such as heart disease, insomnia, digestive issues, and immune system challenges.
  • Mental Health: Stress is closely linked to anxiety and depression, affecting our emotional well-being.
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin: Mental health and physical health are interconnected. There is no health without mental health.

Taking Action: Beyond Talk

This year’s theme for Stress Awareness Month is #ChooseHope. Hope isn’t merely a feeling; it inspires action. Let’s move beyond conversations and actively address stress. Here’s how:

  1. Open Dialogue: Create a safe space to discuss stress openly with friends, family, colleagues, and professionals.
  2. Personal Responsibility: Each of us can make a positive change. Consider how you’ll contribute to better mental health.
  3. Resources and Information: Educate yourself about stress management. Seek reliable resources and tools

TELUS Health: Employee Assistance Programme

At TELUS Health, we’re committed to supporting the health and well-being of individuals and organisations worldwide. Here’s what we offer:

  1. Well-being Support: The TELUS Well-being page features CareNow Programmes with audio and articles aimed at enhancing mindfulness, relationships, work-life balance, physical health, and financial management. It also includes assessments for personal feedback and various resources to support overall well-being.
  2. Support & Resources: The TELUS Support & Resources page offers a variety of articles, multimedia content, and a helpline to assist with challenges related to family, health, life, finances, and work, ensuring confidential support for stress, sleep issues, and budget concerns.

To join our TELUS app, please email:

Carol Jackson: Our Mental Health Lead

Our in-house Mental Health Lead, Carol Jackson, is dedicated to your well-being. You can reach out to her for advice, coping methods, or simply to talk. Everything remains confidential unless safety is at risk. Carol supports individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, personal situations, and more.

For more information, please visit:

Phone: 07751 828989



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